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Implement smart UA rules to maximize your returns
Operate in different marketing channels at the same time
Scale around the clock with automation
Maximize your returns thanks to revenue predictions. Tempr.'s unique predictive optimization technology forecasts results, and recommends the ideal budget, bid and creative combination. This process helps you boost your ROAS or any specific event of your choice. For now, Tempr. makes ROAS & event predictions for the next 7 days.

Maximize your returns

Boost your returns with Tempr.'s automation technology thanks to real-time bid and budget optimizations.

Build your own custom rules
Take advantage of the templated smart UA rules
Takes the guesswork out of optimizing budgets
Scale your UA with automated actions to spend time on strategy
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Minimize your risk

The time has come for greater efficiency and lower risks linked to manual processes with the power of automation.

24/7 automations
Historical log to keep track of any action
30 to 40% daily time saver
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Automate your growth and save time when operating your UA campaigns. Automating as many actions as possible increases your efficiency and lower the usual risks linked to manual processes. For now you are able to automate changes of your bid, budget and pause any creative - and this for every marketing channel supported by Tempr. from the single interface.
Tempr. ensures you can make the best prediction- and data-driven decisions: your data is centralized and aggregated into smart and visual dashboards with key additional information such as cohort analysis tables and personalized data reports.

Connect the dots

Tempr. turns your MMP data from tables to visualizations that make sense for you and your team. Our dashboard is designed to help inform your next decision.

Data centralization
Smart & visual dashboards
Personalized data report
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Scale your app growth with Tempr.

Simple and secure integration. Ready in no time to analyze, optimize, automate, and help you scale.

No SDK required
Frees up your time
Maximized returns
Secure data environment
Clear and visual dashboards
A dedicated team
Automated optimizations
Minimum increase in ROAS
Decrease in daily management time
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