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Exclusive tech

Characterized by its powerful infrastructure, Tempr. was developed by a team of top engineers, senior UA Managers and mobile advertising experts to become the most efficient UA automation platform.

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Full power of data

Tempr.'s ability to maximize returns relies on its power of aggregating, processing & interconnecting data that matters from a wide range of marketing sources."

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Infinite automations

Tempr. eliminates the risks and time-consuming activities linked to manual processes. On every level and across all channels, bid and budget are automated from a unique dashboard.

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Smart UA rules

Optimize your returns

Maximize your returns and CPE with Tempr.'s unique optimization technology that automates smart UA rules making sure you run your campaigns with the ideal combination of budget & bid.

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Automation Rules

Automate your growth

The time has come for greater efficiency and lower risks linked to manual processes with the power of automation - tracked every step of the way.

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Data centralization
Powerful Analytics

Make the most of your data

Tempr. simplifies at its best your decision-making process. All your marketing channels and MMP data are cleared, unified and centralized in detailed and dynamic dashboards.

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All-in-one Technology

Submits. Automates. Scales. Repeats.

Unleash the full power of Tempr.'s end-to-end technology to act faster than anytime before. Scale without fail.

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