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September 28, 2022

More APIs and new optimization features: Tempr.’s summer updates for the ‘Back to School’ season

Today Tempr. brings an exciting update for mobile marketing experts. As everyone is coming back from summer break, we have been working to update some of our key features and add valuable integrations for the ‘back to school’ season.

We have added AppLovin to our growing list of API integrations and will continue to bring in more to help mobile marketing experts make the most of predictive analytics.

Over the summer, Tempr.’s team worked round the clock on perfecting our predictive technology, which will allow user acquisition managers to take their UA efforts to the next level.

If you are wondering what predictive technology is, read on to know in detail and why it is important for the future of user acquisition.

Prediction is the future of mobile user acquisition

Tempr. came to life when a group of experienced mobile experts identified a hole in the mobile marketing industry and recognized prediction as the critical gap to fill in the changing landscape. After spotting the need and getting the best people on board, Tempr. was created. A software that would not only automate the growth of your app but also predict the future of your advertising campaigns.

With Tempr., UA managers can see the revenue predictions of their advertising campaigns and maximize the ROAS.

Here’s a quick video to explain how Tempr. works and the new additions to the platform to help your marketing efforts.

How can predictive marketing help UA managers?

Predictive marketing enables mobile app marketing experts to run successful campaigns with less risk. Whether coping with new user privacy regulations or making informed decisions on campaign parameters and creative assets, predictions show the best way how to allocate the marketing resources to different ad campaigns. Overall, advertising costs decrease and revenue increases.

The company’s goal is to make the life of UA managers easier and push toward the future of user acquisition through AI.

Tempr.’s ideas and vision for the future have already received major backing and two thumbs up from Adikteev, the leading app retargeting and cross-promotion platform. We raised $5M funding earlier this year and, together with Adikteev, plan to shape an automated and maximized mobile marketing industry.

Tempr. Superpowers

The platform combines its AI technology with APIs, which aggregate and pull data from clients’ mobile advertising partners, to develop highly accurate revenue predictions.

These predictions help advertisers optimize their budgets, bids, and creatives for their connected partners. They can all be pushed directly into the various marketing channels with the click of a button, thus, eliminating manual processes.

Tempr. helps in:

  • Predicting your ROAS D7, CPE D7.
  • Recommending the optimal media mix across your channels.
  • Implementing optimizations in one click.

API Integrations

UA teams can connect to a host of channel partners in order to break down historical campaign performance (ad spend, revenue, impressions, and clicks). Moreover, they’re able to predict and optimize the performance of live campaigns and events across these channels.

We are currently integrated with the following MMPs:

  • Appsflyer
  • Singular
  • Kochava

and the following marketing channels:

  • Facebook/Meta
  • Google
  • Applovin

We are already working on integrations with Unity, Vungle, TikTok, and Adjust and they will be added soon. Following that, upcoming integrations will be prioritized according to clients’ needs.

Tempr.'s Magic Number

A screenshot of how Tempr.'s 'magic number' works

So, what is the Magic Number?

The Magic Number is what you can measure in monetary terms, the benefits you’ve accrued in a defined time period.

The goal of Tempr.’s Magic Number is:

  • To display the monetary gain that Tempr. brings to the user.
  • To demonstrate the legitimacy of Tempr.

This is achieved by showing the additional revenue gained from the applied optimizations from Tempr.

How is Tempr. different?

Tempr. sets itself apart from other platforms with our ability to identify the campaigns that are working and provide the mobile marketing professionals with recommendations of bids, budgets, and creatives to apply across all their marketing channels with the click of a button and increase the ROAS.

Ready for the future?

So, if you are ready to automate your way to glory, sign up for a free 14-day trial and see firsthand how Tempr.’s technology can bring you superpowers with just one click.

For more information, please visit Tempr.ai and if you need to talk, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Daria Jemli
Marketing and Communications at Tempr.

Ready to take UA to the next level?

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