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November 12, 2021

4 days at China Joy 2021 with the APAC team

China Joy is China’s largest gaming conference, and this year the theme was “Create Dreams by Technology and Win Future with Fun".

Attending this Chinese digital fair was the occasion for our APAC team to meet digital entertainment pros, great industry insiders, UA teams, and key gaming companies from all around the world such as

  • 2p games
  • 小迈
  • Blend
  • Bigbang
  • Goat games...

Tempr. ❤️ Asia

China Joy 2021

This first conference in China was a real success! It was the very first time we were able to showcase Tempr.'s features and get feedback from our Asian partners and Beta Testers. Partnership opportunities, predictions, and UA best practices were also hot topics discussed.

Meet the tempered team

Our Asia and Pacific team is growing big! Our 4 Business Development Managers Sean, Aya, Carrie, and Jins are based in Taiwan and China.

Meet the APAC team: Sean, Aya, Carrie and Jins

Did you miss our team at China Joy? No worries - we have plenty of time to catch up! You can email Aya at aya@tempr.ai directly, she'd be happy to chat.

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Mathilda Sauer
Marketing Manager and Happiness Officer at Tempr.

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