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November 30, 2022

Introducing our 2023 ebook: How the economic recession will impact the mobile advertising ecosystem

As the world slowly recovered from the economic slowdown brought upon us by COVID over the last two years, the global economy might witness another crisis as economists around the world are predicting a recession to hit in 2023.

Reports from the World Bank and other predictions made by the United States-based investment banks suggest a slowdown in the economy before there is an upturn. However, the findings add that it is the United States which might be affected much more than others.Periods, such as these, tend to bring a big challenge for every industry but the going gets tougher, especially for mobile marketers because of the additional obstacle to consider in an already ever-changing market.

Naturally, mobile marketing managers might be wondering how to navigate through the challenging period and come out of this period on a positive note. This is why we at Tempr. decided to do a bit of research and take a detailed look at how recessions have affected marketing campaigns in history and how mobile marketers can combat the situation and even use it to their advantage with our new ebook: 'How the economic recession will impact the mobile advertising ecosystem'

In this ebook, we cover three topics in detail:

  • Predictions: The impact of a new global recession
  • Analyzing previous recessions to help predict the future
  • Tips for squeezing every drop out of your marketing budget

To have the best insights and cover all bases, we have collaborated with industry experts across gaming, fintech, and shopping verticals.

Along with our in-house UA specialists, we reached out to mobile marketers from Singular, Societe Generale, Qonto, Adikteev, Lydia, Upptic, TapNation, Shamsco, Tonsser and Matej Lancaric to provide the best possible information across all industries to answer the questions or doubts mobile marketers can have heading into the recession.

Want more information on how to grow your gaming app and be profitable during a slowdown? Download our 2023 ebook here.

If you still have questions or need help in your UA efforts, do not hesitate to reach out to us at hello@tempr.ai. We will be happy to answer them and assist you.

Daria Jemli
Marketing and Communications at Tempr.

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