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October 19, 2022

Q&A with TapNation’s UA Team Lead Jatin Mittal about automation and why it’s the key to scaling faster

We have often heard the phrase ’Time is money’ and it has never been of more relevance than it is now. The COVID-19 pandemic showed a huge rise in investment from digital marketers in the m-commerce and mobile gaming app industries as people spent their time heavily on their phones stuck at home.

However, as the world recovers, the trends are slowing down. User acquisition managers need to come up with various strategies for different channels and multiple platforms to scale faster and increase their return on ad spend (ROAS).


Automation tools can boost your user acquisition efforts massively. The ability to set custom rules, optimize your time and budgets will not only save time but also eliminate the risks that come with manual processing.

Automation helps in managing multiple marketing channels and implementing different strategies for all campaigns that UA managers have to look after and that is a game-changing solution as human time can be spent on planning other aspects of the journey to make the whole UA process more efficient overall.

To understand the future of UA, we spoke to Jatin Mittal, who is the UA Team Lead at TapNation - a Paris-based tech startup specializing in mobile Hyper Casual Games.

Jatin began his career by founding his own startup ScndnvnStudio before taking over the User Acquisition and Monetization at Homa Games, which is the world’s leading platform for creating and publishing mobile games. Following his stint at Homa Games, Jatin moved on to TapNation as the UA Lead.

Here is what he thinks about how automation can save time, expand your business and increase return on investment (ROI).

To what extent does automation help you maximize your monetization, and ROI, and expand your business?

On the monetization side, automation is part of our key projects. It helps us free up some human time for tasks that can't be automated yet and which can drive high returns on ad revenues. For example, for waterfall creation, we have pre-formatted templates that allow us to automatically upload a standard setup. Some networks are also offering API management solutions that allow us to save time in placement IDs creation.

On the optimization side, we created a tool that helps us identify bad or good placements that are either removed or where the floor is increased. This allows us to spend more time testing new networks, and new formats, and do more advanced analysis on ad monetization optimizations. The returns are much higher and human time is better spent on the latest.

In your opinion, what processes should be automated, and which ones should be human-led?

Everything that is about the operational work of floor creation, ad monetization setup, and basic analysis should be automated. Same for bid optimizations on the UA side. Using internal or external tools that allow us to change bids in one click across our multiple UA channels, and countries is really a game-changer. When it comes to testing new partners or analyzing bad performances, this is where human judgment is more required and it is still difficult to automate those.


Automation and prediction models are the future of mobile game marketing because they provide insights that result in tangible business value and help marketers get a faster and higher ROAS.

Now that it is established that automating helps mobile advertising experts save time and be more efficient, it is important to choose the right tool for your campaigns.

So what should you consider when selecting one? We suggest you look into the points below when you are selecting an automation tool:

  • Number of optimizations that can be automated (bids, budgets, creatives, on/off rules)
  • Access to a creative center to analyze performances (e.g. creative fatigue) and optimize them
  • Customizable optimizations and automation based on the app’s vertical / UA strategy
  • Options to create specific rules of prediction and optimizations for SKAdNetwork events and Conversion Value data

Luckily for UA managers, Tempr. does all of it and also predicts the ROAS and provides recommendations on bids and budgets to make the most of your advertising campaigns.

If you want to know how Tempr. can help you grow and maximize your revenue, sign up for a 14-day trial and experience the magic of AI first-hand.

Daria Jemli
Marketing and Communications at Tempr.

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