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December 13, 2022

Replug CEO, Luca Mastrorocco, shares tips on how to create a loyal customer base as an app developer and UA manager

The mobile marketing landscape is growing at the rate of knots and as a marketing manager, you have to deal with multiple issues in order to be successful and continue bringing in more revenue and decrease costs. The world has slowly moved towards a mobile-first approach and that has been accelerated by the pandemic. Users spend a lot of time on their phones and that also means more competition than before.

Because of the increased number of eyeballs, user acquisition managers are running overtime in order to get them onboard to their app across multiple segments. While that is a great idea for growing your app, one shouldn’t forget about existing or returning customers. They are a huge section and the reason for growth and having a loyal customer base is as important as acquiring new users. More importantly, studies have shown that it is more expensive to acquire a new user compared to retaining a customer.


So, what is customer loyalty? In short, it is the customer’s willingness to come back to your app or business repeatedly for a particular service or product you sell. This generally happens because of a great experience they have had and eventually down the line, identify with your brand and eventually spend more money on your brand.

Why is it important? Because returning customers can help grow your brand much faster than a sales or marketing team in general. Here are some of the reasons why it matters to have loyal customers:

  1. More revenue: Loyal and converted customers tend to spend more on a brand they are familiar with compared to their competition. This means an increased share of the wallet for the brand.
  2. Referrals: Word of mouth is a major selling point and when a customer loves a brand, they would often refer it to their family and friends, thus, bringing in new customers and additional revenue.
  3. Trust: Having loyal customers also builds a sense of trust between brands and customers. When users return to a particular brand every time, they know that the value they are getting from that particular brand is much more compared to others in the same segment.


To know more about this, we asked Replug CEO Luca Mastrorocco this question and he shared his thoughts on how companies can build a loyal fanbase and also what solutions Replug put in place for their clients when Apple launched SKAN.

Luca has extensive experience in the world of business, sales and app development with the likes of Fyber, YouAppi and Glispa. If that isn’t impressive enough already, he also co-founded Gruvit, Mobile Marketing Italia, and his current venture, Replug.

Here is what he had to say.

How do you create a loyal customer base for the long term?

2022 was the year of the full-funnel marketing approach. Now more than ever, companies will have to focus on improving each step of the funnel to create a loyal customer base. App Store Optimization, paid advertising, retention strategies, UX, UI, and also creative assets will all have to be orchestrated together to acquire and retain users to create a loyal customer base for the long term.

You were just launching Replug when SKAN was launched, how did it impact the UA strategy you were putting in place for your clients and how well did you adapt?

The biggest challenge for our partners has been around the MMP tech setup but also understanding how to read the data (organic uplifts, incrementality, etc…). As a consulting agency, we had to first familiarize ourselves with the changes from a martech perspective, then ensure our partners would also understand what was happening.

I won’t hide it has been an uphill battle, also because the first few months there was big confusion around this. With time, however, our team has gained invaluable insights and since then, we have helped dozens of international clients, improve their SKAN setup and, most importantly, we supported them in understanding how to read data and evaluate campaigns effectiveness.


Here are some more tips a mobile marketer can follow to retain customers and create a feeling of loyalty toward the brand.

  1. Know your customers well
  2. Customized content marketing
  3. Push notifications
  4. Monitor and implement customer feedback
  5. Loyalty programs

According to a study by Gartner, 80% of future profits of an organization comes from 20% of existing customers and that explains the need for focusing on keeping existing users. Targeting them well and being able to put an adequate budget into your user acquisition and retention budget will help you increase your ROAS and decrease CPE.


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Ranit Das
Marketing and Communications at Tempr.

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