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September 5, 2022

Great mixture of fun, learning, and diversity: Interns on why Tempr. is an amazing place to work at

It is often believed that internships are mostly about doing everything other than what you signed up for. But, in reality, it is far from the truth. They provide important professional work experience, along with the opportunity to learn, network, and grow as an individual.

This is why we at Tempr. make sure that interns who join us receive the same treatment and perks as our full-time employees. Their learning experience is at the heart of our structure and we love having young people come in and working with great enthusiasm and rigor.

Handing over the baton

We caught up with some of our summer interns to talk about their time at Tempr. and they shared their experiences and expectations with us.

It’s nice for interns to be able to network with experienced professionals but it’s also great to be able to learn from those who have been in their shoes. That makes life easier for newcomers as they always have someone to go to and talk to when they have questions. This is why the new joiners appreciated the likes of Louis Giuliani, Matteo Theboul, and Rolly Ntedika, our outgoing cohort of interns.

When internship turns into a life-changing experience

Louis grew up under the sun of Aix-en-Provence and moved to Paris to study his Master’s in Management at SKEMA, majoring in Marketing. He interned at Tempr as a Growth Marketing Manager. He was in charge of a variety of projects including, sales automation, CRM strategy and data analytics, just to name a few. For Louis, it was a life-changing experience to work with some of the most recognized mobile marketing agencies & marketing channels.

The on-hand and practical experience has helped him learn to think faster and articulate his ideas to the team better.

Answering a question about the most surprising part of the internship, Louis said:

Probably the trust and responsibilities that Cloé, our CEO, & Guénolé, our CRO, gave me from the get-go. It's great to be able to share your ideas and opportunities, be listened to, and be given the budget to make them a reality when needed.”

Startup life: every idea matters

Matteo, who is born and brought up in Paris, came to us as a QA Manager intern and is a fourth-year student at Epitech. Much like Louis, he likes wearing different hats and working across development, product as well as web development.

When we asked him to sum up his time here, he simply smiled and told us he learned way more than he thought he would at the beginning. It is because of the different projects he worked on and the trust the technical team put in him throughout the internship journey.

Matteo also pointed out how his English has improved because of the constant need to communicate with an international team and how it will now help him going forward.

A great mixture of fun and learning

Hailing from the city of Kinshasa in RD Congo, Rolly is currently a student in Master II Audit and Management Control at INSEEC Lyon and is working on Tempr’s finance team.

For him, working at Tempr. has been nothing short of a great mixture of fun and learning. According to Rolly, the internship experience has been more than what he had hoped for as he was involved with a number of initiatives including, management control, corporate taxes and risk management.

When asked about what surprised him the most here, he, like Matteo and Louis, pointed out the trust and freedom given to him to do his work and the cultural diversity in the workspace.

“Personally, I have had wonderful encounters. Tempr. has a very diverse environment when it comes to culture because of the people, who come from different places. Professionally, I have learned a lot and developed my skills, especially in the rapid analysis of situations and decision making.”

As their time at Tempr. is coming to an end, not only did they have amazing things to say but also asked the new joiners to be open, inquisitive, and disciplined to get the most out of their experience.

New faces but the same dedication and hunger

In August, Chaitra Kadur, Karthik Krishnamoorthy, and Ranit Das joined Tempr. for their internships across different fields and when we asked them to sum up their first few weeks, the answer was unanimous: good and ready for more.

Incidentally, they are all from India but from completely different regions. Chaitra joined the team as a Junior Software Tester Q&A intern; Karthik is part of our Product team and Ranit is working in our Marketing department. They are all students, who recently concluded their studies at various business schools in France and are looking for some valuable experience in Europe to kickstart their careers.

The three of them have come in with different expectations and hopes but the common goal remains to learn and put a step forward in their careers. Chaitra hopes to practice her craft and benefit from networking while Karthik wants to act as the glue between end customers, product management, development, and stakeholders. For Ranit, the main goals are to make sure Tempr. has amazing stories to tell and also wear different hats in whatever capacity possible at Tempr.

Why working for a startup like Tempr. is a good idea

When we asked our new joiners why they chose a startup for their internship, the answer was growth and opportunities because being a part of a young and growing team allows you to venture into different fields and look into different projects, which isn’t always possible in a big company because of a set structure. According to them, the ability to learn and grow was a huge reason behind joining Tempr. and after working here for almost a month now, they feel vindicated by their choice.

The trio also pointed out the learning opportunities as well as the atmosphere and excitement that a startup environment brings. Being a small team, to begin with, the scope for learning new things is huge and that comes with great responsibilities which shape a person.

Chaitra, Karthik, and Ranit hope that they come out learning from this experience and be able to handle customers better, understand the market and its requirements, and have a little fatigue at the end of their internship six months down the line.

There is always room for talent

In its relatively short span of existence, Tempr. has always allowed students to come in and apply their learnings in the job and make mistakes in a safe environment but, also ensure there are learnings at the end of the day. At a time, when most organizations look to have ready-made talent at their disposal, we look to give young people a chance and that is exactly why everyone has an amazing time with us.

So, if you are ready for the world and looking for your first experience, don’t hesitate to reach out to us because there is always room for talent.

Daria Jemli
Marketing and Communications at Tempr.

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