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January 12, 2022

Tempr. is officially integrated with Singular

Woohoo! Singular joins our MMP integrations AppsFlyer and Kochava.

Singular: A super partner for marketing measurement

Singular is more than a mobile measurement partner. You can expect a complete view of ROI with next-gen attribution, full-funnel marketing data, and best-in-class fraud prevention.

Now available for UA teams using Singular: the best prediction and automation tool

Mobile apps using Singular as MMP and willing to scale faster, with fewer risks can now predict their revenues and automate their entire user acquisition process across channels.

How does Tempr. make that possible?

Tempr. predicts 🔮

We collect real-time data from Singular and the marketing channels you are connected to. In addition to our historical data, we are able to forecast your ROAS and CPE on a granular level.

Tempr. recommends 🏹

Our prediction models powered by AI and ML create thousands of scenarios with changing bids, budgets, and creatives. Among all possibilities, and with 80% of accuracy, we recommend the best combinations to ensure you a minimum of +10% app revenue growth.

Tempr. automates 🔄

Maximize your efficiency and drop the usual backs and forth between each marketing channel by applying the recommendations in one click.Create your own if/then rules to automate all your user acquisition operations and scale around the clock, on every channel.

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Mathilda Sauer
Marketing Manager and Happiness Officer at Tempr.

Ready to take UA to the next level?

Predict the future of your advertising returns
Operate in different marketing channels at the same time
Scale around the clock with automation

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