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April 19, 2022

Tempr. raises $5 million to take the next big step in User Acquisition

Tempr. raised a $5 million investment from Adikteev for their forecasting and automation platform that aims to revolutionize user acquisition in the mobile apps industry.

Tempr. is a global SaaS company that maximizes mobile marketers’ revenue and time, thanks to its prediction and automation technology. We aggregate data from mobile marketing channels through APIs and develop high-accuracy revenue predictions using AI algorithms. Our highly accurate software helps them asses their options, budgets, creatives and bids to increase the ROAS.

One of the most fascinating things about Tempr. is that it eliminates manual inputs and calculations completely and saves the user acquisition manager’s time by sending all the suggested adjustments directly to various marketing channels with a single click.

Talking about the funding, Adikteev CEO Xavier Mariani said that they share our vision and are highly impressed with the team and software.

“We are very excited to invest in Tempr. We have been very impressed by the achievements of the team and we share their vision of providing leading app developers with sophisticated predictive technologies. With the recent changes within the mobile advertising ecosystem, it’s becoming more challenging for publishers to grow and scale UA budgets profitably,” Mariani said.

Since our inception, we have focussed mostly on the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region but the funding will allow us to expand in North America and eventually the APAC (Asia and Pacific) area. The money raised will help us to grow our team further with experts, develop more efficient APIs and deploy more advanced technologies.

Speaking about the partnership, our CEO Cloé Dana said that she is very excited about the partnership and to help the world in shaping an automated and maximized mobile marketing industry.

We’re very excited about our partnership with Adikteev; we believe they will help us significantly accelerate our growth and democratize the use of our innovative technology for mobile marketers worldwide,” said Dana.

Mathilda Sauer
Marketing Manager and Happiness Officer at Tempr.

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