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November 23, 2021

Tempr. start-up of the month on Les Pépites Tech

Les Pépites Tech is the official directory of French tech startups. They list the most innovative products and services of the tech industry and gather a community of 150K international tech lovers. Every day the community votes for the startups offering the best of the best of French Tech - or as we like to call it in French: la crème de la crème.

Tempr. designated as Startup of the month - October 2021

Tempr. start-up of the Month October 2021

Tempr. was released on Les Pépites Tech at the very end of September 2021. The following month we received the greatest number of votes - that's how we received the price of Startup of the Month for October 2021! We're very thankful to everyone that rooted for us ❤️

Help us become the Startup of all times 🚀

Startup of the month? Amazing! Startup of all times? Even better!

Help us become the number one startup on Les Pépites Tech by voting for us right here. The more votes we receive, the closer we get to the first position...

Update 2022 - We did it!

Woohoo, we became the Top 1 Startup of 2021 on Les Pépites Tech:

Thank you everyone for voting for us and believing in our product. The best is yet to come!

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Mathilda Sauer
Marketing Manager and Happiness Officer at Tempr.

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